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H & M Acres Newfoundlands

I'm super bad about keeping this page updated monthly...so the best way to keep informed is to join our Facebook Group Page... H & M Acres Newfoundlands of Indiana.  Just click the Facebook link above.  (The red circle with the f inside!)   Make sure to answer the 4 questions or you will NOT be approved!   The Facebook page gets updated nearly daily when we have pups...otherwise...it's weekly-monthly depending on what we have going on.  Litter plans are announced, ultrasounds are shared, x-rays, birth announcements, etc.  You are also encouraged to talk to other families on our page.  Many have multiple pups from us.  You can view our dogs' health certs (PennHip, OFA, & DNA) on the group page as well - though I believe you can only access those via a laptop or desktop.

If you aren't on Facebook - feel free to call, text, or email with any questions.