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Our dogs are part of our family...they attend soccer practices & games, they camp with us, they swim with us, they...live with us!  Drool...hair...size...and all!  They have a little over 3 fenced acres to play on as well as a nice pond to swim in.   They LOVE to rescue our kids & their friends while they swim!  Even the neighborhood dogs like to come over to play!  They truly are a part of our family.

About us......

H & M Acres Newfoundlands

‚ÄčOur breeding program consists of:

  • Chardonnay: had her first litter in September 2018.
  • Bailey: Spring 2021
  • Our studs, Ronan & Drax.
  • We also have Bear (BearBear/Sugar Bear) the rescue who came to us pregnant.  She was spayed immediately after weaning her puppies in Spring of 2018.  She is a wonderful member of our pack who LOVES all the babies!  She acts as grandma to them - playing with them & sleeping with them.
  • Our three dams...Sivvey (grey & white), Polar "Ice" (Landseer) & Corona (grey).  All are now spayed & retired. (Corona is Ice's pup.)

All breeding dogs have their health certificates for hips - PennHip, DNA - cystinuria  & D.M. , OFA - elbows & hearts.  Please see their individual certs on our group page at the Facebook link at the top of this page.