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Sully & Ice 2015

2024 - litters!   Bailey X Drax (born 1/2/24) - 2 brown females available.  All males are spoken for.  Willow X Drax - 9 available pups - 4 black females, 1 landseer female, 4 black males.  There will be no additional 2024 litters.

Drooling hairballs of love!

AKC standards - Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of the Newfoundland; this is the most important single characteristic of the breed.” The innate goodness of Newfs is best expressed in their affinity for kids—they take naturally to the role of nanny dog. Trusting and trainable, Newfs respond well to gentle guidance. These galumphing giants are among the world’s biggest dogs, and acquiring a pet that weighs more than many adult humans comes with obvious challenges. If a huge, hairy, drooling, and very often dripping wet lap dog is your idea of a great dog...we encourage you to come visit us!


AKC registered Newfoundlands health tested through OFA/Pennhip/DNA.