H & M Acres Newfoundlands

Maeve (AAD's Ambassador pup) picking out a pumpkin!

This is Lou, during a training session - completely ignoring the scary werewolf!  Good Job Lou!  Service dogs need to be non-reactive to crazy stuff going on around them!  I think he has this down pretty well!  Lou is currently with his family who enjoying all sorts of new adventures with his help!  We are incredibly proud of this guy & the work that AAD does!

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In the winter of 2015, H & M Acres was approached by Kirsten from Autism Anchoring Dogs in Portland, Oregon (a non-profit).  They were in need of quality Newfoundlands for their program.  Currently all twelve have been placed with their families. The work that these dogs do, allows their families a better quality of life.  While we may take for granted a short 2 block walk to the local ice cream shop or park, for many families this little walk is nearly impossible.  With their anchoring dog, that walk becomes a reality...one that they can take without fear of their child bolting into traffic or sprinting into a pond or lake.  Please take a moment to check out the work that Kirsten & her staff at Autism Anchoring Dogs do to help families of autistic children by visiting their website or Facebook page. They are a lifeline that most of us don't think about.  We are super proud of these dogs & the work they do daily to give their families a better quality of life.